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Ganga Rana is an explorer, entrepreneur, and a professional Mountaineer. Traveling was the only thing he always wanted to do in his life. Hailing from osla this avid traveler started his travel when he was a small boy itself. He started by traveling to nearby places with family and friends. Later, his traveling boundaries expanded as he grew up. An adventurer by heart, he has gone to many expeditions across the Himalayas and holds a record of climbing Black Peak twice. But what attracted him most was the majestic mountains! He realized that his love for mountains is something that cannot be replaced by anything. So, he decided to convert his passion to the profession.


He has achieved many things at a very young age. Like

1.Climbing Black Peak Kalanag twice 6387mts,2015 /2017

  1. Adens col Expedition 5490mts 2018

3.Dhumdarkandi Pass 5490mts 2009/2010/2011

  1. Borasu Pass Climbing 4500mts, 2009/ 2010/2015/2017 /2018


A passionate mountaineer and trekker, Prakash Rana loves wandering in the Himalayas. He had a vision in life and it was to become India’s best mountaineer. At a very young age, he had developed a passion for exploring near his hometown Osla. That’s how Discoveryhike was born with an idea to document new routes and trails. He is also a social media enthusiast and takes care of the overall logistics of the company. He brings out inspiration to all the travelers, adventurers and explorers to find out problems in the mountains and executing sustainable ways in the trekking scene. Nobody knows better than him when it comes to the Himalayas in terms of climbing techniques, medical assistance.

Content Writer

At 21, the mountains have changed the fate of a young traveler and adventurer. Hailing from one of the states of the seven sisters of North East – Guwahati, Assam Anangsha never knew what she wanted to do in life, until one phone call to her family changed everything in May 2016 that is:granting permission to go for trekking in the Himalayas for the first time in Uttarakhand. The trip changed everything where she became unstoppable and went on to do 15 treks and uncountable places across the Himalayas.. A content creator by profession, a traveler with a dynamic personality who has exceptional skills in various fields like writing, blogging, photography,vlogging, videomaking/Filmmaking, sketching, painting. Apart from this, she achieved many things at a young age in various fields.

Also an athlete and a trekker, the passion and hunger for traveling, exploring and trekking has inspired many people, travelers and adventures to go and explore the undiscovered trails in the Himalayas and travel the world.

Content Writer

Adrija Chakraborty is the Content Writer at Discoveryhike ! She is also a part of ‘The Voyagers’, the friendly-trio who is our video content provider. Adrija is a technology aspirant who loves to travel. She believes that mountains can make someone think to the root of life and gather better perspectives. “