Trek and tours for college students

Traveling teaches you lot of things in life. One is : it broadens up your mind, knowing different culture and it makes you modest. It is a very good teacher where you learn things own your own and make your own decisions.


It is the time when they are ready to spend full time and energy and check one’s stamina , determination and endurance. Hence treks and tours are the best option for students to explore new geographies and cultures. It broadens your mind and teach lot of techniques – ie survival skills.
Trekking teaches you lot of things as it doesn’t involve luxury . If the students indulge in such activities, it will help them to know the hidden secrets of our mother Earth and nature. In today’s era, there are lot of competition, the tours and treks for college students acquire a way of life for them which help them to build leadership and professional skills and life qualities.
What happens in the life of a student when he / she go on tours and treks?
The life of a student is one of the most important phases of Human being where the significant steps are taken in shaping their future. It is not only about academics, attending vocational classes and educational institutions but there is a great demand for learning life lessons.
Life skills such as leadership qualities, social responsibility, survival skills business acumen should be acquired which will further boosts one ‘s self confidence. Trekking and exploration to various places where the nature is absolutely rich and raw helps to absorb the life skills through experiences.
The Influence of nature on the well being of human learning abilities can very much defined by the words of the poet “Robert Louis Stevenson”
. It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanates from the trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.”
When spirits are renewed, it opens the weary minds, eyes, ears to exploring things and help them for continuous learning
To go on treks and tours , eating healthy is the very vital for students.

Healthy eating habit comes first while the students prepare themselves to go on tours and treks

When it comes to trekking, diet is very important because trekking involves lot of stamina and endurance. If there is no physical stamina , the students wouldn’t enjoy the fun of trekking . Hence students are encouraged to have healthy diet and change their eating habits. They should focus more on eating on time and healthy. Eating on time will help them to prepare for the tours and treks for children and students. Instead of eating junk food, they should focus on eating the right calories .
Physical Workout is one of the most important routine for the preparation for treks and tours for students.
Exercising everyday should become a routine in the students life to physically prepare for treks and tours. To have a healthy life, eating healthy and daily work out automatically leads to a having a healthy lifestyle. Students will get to know how each muscle functions in the body. This is based on the workouts performed by the students for each muscle.
This is in turn helps in the overall health of the person, because the sensitivity helps in identifying the specific muscle for each bone and muscle. For Example in Trekking, your legs needs to be strong that requires lot of strength. If the students are habituated to physical exercises , it becomes easier to achieve the challenges that are met during treks and tours.

In the end , it’s about the mind. This is the most important thing next to physical fitness, leading a healthy lifestyle and having healthy mindset.

Along with physical health, being mentally tough is very important. When students go on bikes or do Trekking. Their stressful minds is taken care when they involve in such activities. The routine of a student’s life is very demanding. I gives a space where they can get a space where peace prevails along the pathway. They become highly energetic. There is a quote by the Scottish Naturalist name is John Muir, known as John of the mountains because of the trekking experiences. He says
“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as the sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you, and the storms their energy.”

College students trek with lot of fun after spending hours on strenuous activities. Their mind becomes peaceful inside

Nothing is as better as trekking . It is a healthy exercise , much better activity than video games, watching a movie. It’s changes the mindset of the people and fun and entertainment becomes a part of the life of a student.

Psychological health is another quality where the students needs to acquire to for leadership and life skills.
Life most important values like persistence, tolerance, paintaking, determination and perseverance are the quality ingredients where the students needs to develop in their life. Survival skills, risk taking, ability and manage time efficiently are some of the important learning life skills. The qualities that at listed above naturally help them to build leadership qualities. When they are doing group tours and treks ,they learn various communication strategies , negotiation skills and adapt to situation where they have to find solutions to problems and pick up various stress management techniques.

Tours and treks become a stress free life for students

Students have daily pressure on their studies , academic burden because of increasing competition. Tours and treks help them to have a clarity in their mind without having fear, anxiety combined with physical health. This gives a boost and ability to look at things in different perspective .
Managing stress at a young age is no cup of tea, hence trekking helps it in many ways, they get to admire the beauty at the magnificent vistas provided by the God of nature. It knocks out all the negativities from their lives . Another important thing is to enjoy and have fun during treks that brings enlightenment in their lives. Students will have an experiential learning. The main agenda for organizing treks and tours for students is to have fun and learn life lessons.

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