Undoubtedly the best winter treks of India. The trek starts from Sankri crossing Juda Ka Talab, an awe-inspiring lake amidst the oak trees and alpine forests. The next day, trekkers will be headed towards Kedarkantha then to the Kedarkantha peak. You will be welcomed by the beauty of the Himalayas which has a 360-degree view of the Garhwal Himalayas. A perfect fairytale isn’t it? Situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, Kedarkantha trek, is easily accessible any time of the year. You will be starting from the journey from Govind National Park passing through beautiful flora and fauna. The park is blessed with a variety of plants and animals such as Leopards, bears, musk deer and many birds. In winter the route becomes a bit challenging because of the snow. The nights are young and cold and the adventurers might have to watch out for the Sub-Zero temperatures. It provides an expansive view of the peaks. Every day is fairytale because of the surroundings and aura it creates while trekking.

They say Heaven is a myth, but the real heaven is Kedarkantha trek. Agree?
One the first day of the trek, you will be driving through the beautiful town of Dehradun. The trek starts from Sankri which is a small village rich in culture located at a distance of 180Km from Dehradun. Cold wind sips in your bones and the charismatic aura of the village will make you forget about the trailhead. The trekking of Sankri is a popular one because the majority of the treks starts here like Har Ki doon, Borasu Pass, Bali Pass, Ruinsara Tal, Baradsar Lake. The village has so much to offer from the pine trees and oak forests. It levels up the adrenaline rush and the photographers can’t stop gushing about the enchanting landscapes.


Someday I would
wake up in the
middle of mountains;
These mountains that are spread far away
Away from heaven
For heaven, it is blessed with God’s and angels.
Angel let me carry you to these vast measureless mountains,
My charisma will make you remember me always!
I have crossed oceans and seas
I found the hidden gem inside the shore
It took me years to find
the deepest secret
To unlock the mystery
Mysteries of finding
the right path
and the Pearl
But I knew I would find it
After climbing the steep mountains
and stepping the deepest
My dreams lied at the bosom,
Listen to your heart beat,
There your dreams are dormant
Open them up!
Before it’s too late
Life is a rat’s race!

The second day is one of the most enthralling routes. The trek starts from Sankri to Juda ka Talab. Walk through the jaw dropping forests. The gradient is okay. Trekking during the winters is not a cup of tea as it becomes a little difficult hence gaiters and spikes will be provided. As the trekkers move forward, they will be welcomed by the beautiful Himalayan ranges. The prominent peaks are easily visible, one of them is Swargarohini.

Imagine waking up a magnificent landscape of Himalayas, surrounded by oak trees and alpine forests and a frozen lake? Yes, this is what I am talking about Juda Ka Talab. One can easily glide and walk on the ice sheet which gives an electrifying experience. The trail is adventurous that every scenery is a postcard material. Third day, will be to the Kedarkantha base camp. To reach the final point, it is earned as the trail is demanding. Everybody has their own trekking experiences, for some it may be easy, for others it might be very hard. But the most important thing during the journey is making a bunch of memories with strangers who become your family at the end of your trek. Sounds fun isn’t it? The feeling which you get reaching the summit is more or less like Switzerland as both the places are covered with snow. If you are very lucky enough, you will be able to witness snowfall and sprinkled snowflakes.
The final day that is the fourth day is the summit will be a challenging one that is from the Kedarkantha Base camp to the Kedarkantha Peak. There are slopes in between, hence going together as team will boost the confidence of all the trekkers. To reach the final point, it is earned as the trail is demanding. The trail gets steeper and the best part while summiting is that you will get to witness the various and dramatic colours in the sky. The trekkers can’t stop gushing about the 360 views of the Himalayas. The most prominent peaks that are visible are Swargarohini, Black Peak and Bandarpoonch Peaks. You will also get to see the Gangotri, Yamunotri, Har ki Doon and Rupin mountain ranges. The wind might get cold so it is recommended to keep the body warm. The summit point is the grand point for the photographers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Snow dripping through my veins,
Clouds thundering bring me rain
Mountains wake me up to reign the range,
Never did I know how the icy cold wind would make me go startling,
For my journey is never ending,
I leave patches of my footprints
May the legends and the unsung hero find me at midnight dreams!

Kedakantha is arguably the best treks which brings so much adventure even for the first timers and experienced trekkers as well. The vistas of Himalayas are so amazing that people can’t resist themselves and feel the quintessence of the trek. The Even the trek is open all throughout the year but the winter is the best time because the trek is known as the Winter Fairyland. During summers, one will get to see the verdant meadows, lush green landscapes and multicolored flora and fauna.

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