Trekking/ travelling guide for female travelers

Travelling is one of the greatest thing that has ever happened to the human mankind. It gives life’s best memories. But when it comes to trekking and travelling , it not a cup of tea for girls. Many might envy the lifestyle of solo female travelers because of the freedom they get from managing schedules and making choices of your own itinerary.
When girls are travelling/trekking ,safety is the topmost priority. One should make sure that unprecedented incidents do not happen while travelling.
There are some best travel trip for female travelers and trekkers.

1. Before heading off to any place trek or travel make sure that
you email all your travel details to your family or friends. Keeping your parents, family members informed about travel plans is vital.

2. Female travelers/ trekkers often meet strangers while traveling to a particular place . It is recommended that they shouldn’t be too friendly or accept anything from them be it food or accommodation or it could be anything. We have the best stories of travels are those of the conversations and moments spent with the strangers. However one must be really careful when it comes to trust .The world is not that a scary place , but you have to take precautions and be really aware what’s happening around you to avoid scams and hassles. One shouldn’t believe everything what people say.

3. Avoid loitering around after the dark. Female travelers are recommended to stay inside their hotels or tents as it is not a safe idea to wander as soon as the sun drops. Let’s take an example. Say you are arriving at a place at 7Pm. You would be really excited to move around and explore, but for safety purpose one should be very alert what’s happening around and ask herself will this be a right time to go?

4. Before booking with agencies, it is important to check the reviews. Blinding going to a hotel without checking the reviews , is a foolish act. Choosing hotels and trekking agency which tops the Google ranking is necessary.

5. Confidence is the key while travelling. This is one of the most important quality every female should develop that is to be bold enough , confident and assertive. Sometimes it is okay to be not polite and be firm on your decisions . Others might think this to be a sign of weakness, but be brave enough to stand up for yourself and not afraid to seek out help from others. Strangers will offer you help to reach the destination. Act as if you know the maps, and know how to read Gps. Do not look confused and look confident even if you aren’t.

6. Know the place where you are travelling : Every place has its own culture and it might different from the place where you belong to. Reading up the net about the different culture will boost up your confidence as you will get to know about the particular place. It is recommended for the female travelers to fit in with the local culture both for safety. Accept the culture and their difference and go with the flow. Adapt to the local culture , try to understand their sentiments. This will make things easier making your travels enjoyable.

7. Dress in a traditional way. One shouldn’t wear fancy clothes as this might make you stand out as an attractive target. For female travelers, it recommended to wear simple clothes by covering up their body to avoid unwanted attention.

8. Trust your own gut and believe in making your decisions-
There is no fear when you portray yourself as unstoppable. Woman’s instinct are the marvelous thing which is known for their accuracy. No matter what, trust your gut on your decisions while travellings

9 Packing is the another important checklist for female travellers/ trekkers.

A) Pack a Swiss knife- You can slice , dice , chop and open . You can do whatever you want. It is one of the things to carry while traveling for safety purposes.

B) A power bank and back up for your phone- You cannot find charger everywhere , so if your batter runs out,power bank is the perfect solution.

C) Sarong- it is a garment to consisting long piece of cloth to wrap it around the body and tucked at the waist or under the Armpits. They can be used for multiple purposes. It can used a mat to sit on the ground or maybe as scarf to cover up your face to avoid the scorching heat and the strong sun. You can also use it as a bed sheet and make it a pillow.

D) A light jacket/ comfortable trek pants / warm shawl.- While travelling, jeans are not recommended because they are not comfortable. It important to take light clothing material like a light jacket , trek pants and a shawl when the temperature dips.

E) Snacks – while traveling/ trekking lot of calories are burnt. To handle the hunger pangs one should carry snacks – Energy bars , chocolate, potato chips, dry fruits, energy drinks)

F) A utility tool

G) Comfortable shoes – Traveling will involve lot of walking , climbing . You have to make sure your feet are happy.

H) Undergarments/ Extra T shirts / Socks and Pants
Everyday will be an adventurous day and you are bound to get dirty and there will be sweats all around the clothes. Carrying extra T shirts and undergarments, socks to maintain personal hygiene is vital. This will keep you healthy and avoid falling sick.
G) Medicines / Sanitary Napkins/ Toiletries/ Pads
This is one of the important checking that is carrying Medicines Incase of medical emergency. Basic medicines for cold, fever, stomach upset, headache, vomiting, mosquito repellants , band aids is recommended. Girls might have menstruation while traveling, pads are necessary to carry.

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