COVID – 19 effect on Himalayan Treks

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Corona Virus on Himalyan Treks

We’ve got some calls and emails from trekkers in the last two weeks. Trekkers are worried about trekking in the Himalayas because of recent Coronavirus reports.

Trekker’s question is mostly about the Coronavirus effect on Himalayan trekking?
We acknowledge everyone’s fear. And so, Discovery Hike’s Trek coordinators keep a close eye on this situation.

Discovery Hike’s owner Ganga Rana says, “324 cases happened in our country so far. All the treks of the Himalayas have been postponed now and rescheduled for later (until the Government will not permit us for travelling and trekking). Right now, The Indian Government had issued an order in which they enforce a travel ban. We are obeying all that guidelines issued by the government and trying to make our readers and customers to be aware about all that Natural Pandemic.

There are now cases of coronavirus impacting people in Ladakh (8 positive cases), Uttarakhand (1 positive case) and another person testing positive in the preliminary tests in Himachal Pradesh. These state governments have imposed a ban on the movement of tourists in their respective states until further notice (both International and Domestic Tourists). Northeastern mountain states had already issued these as soon as the problem surfaced.

In addition, we are in regular communication with our Slope Managers, team leaders, and government officials from the trekking states of India & Nepal. This means we’ll be the first one to know if there are any updates. And, we’ll directly inform you.

As of now, Nepal is not home to any of our trekkers or workers. There is still time to continue all the treks & that’s why Discovery Hikes will only continue their treks when the governments will permit us to take people on trekking. We’re hoping and praying that the situation will come under control as soon as possible, no innocent death will register anymore and we will get back to our daily life.

Transmission of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the reason behind a pause on Himalayan Treks

One of the ways by which coronavirus can spread is through direct contact with infected humans. So, try to keep yourself away from crowded areas and only go outside for very important work with proper safety measures and keeping in mind all the aspects of “Transmission of Corona Virus (COVID-19)”.

The virus will not live in the air or remain suspended. It will affect when you inhale/ingest droplets of a sneeze/cough from a person infected with coronavirus, you will be at risk of infection from him/her.

Also, keeping in mind the main aspect of the Corona Virus that it will remain on any surface until its activation period of 12hrs only. So better try to isolate yourself at home and support each other to beat this critical situation.

Also, in transit places such as international airports, domestic airports, and railway stations, the Corona Virus’ effect is on high risks. At international airports and ports of entry, all travelers are screened and suggested to keep them isolated for at least 14 days.

A Special advisory from the Indian and Nepal Government

Press Release Coronavirus | Is Himalayan Treks is Affected by Corona Virus

Goverment advisory on Corona Virus Goverment advisory on Corona Virus | Effect of corona (COVID-19) on Himalayan Treks

West Bengal Government Advisory For Corona Virus

What should I do during my travels to keep myself safe from Coronavirus?

To keep yourself safe if you fly during the COVID-19 outbreak, you have to:• Wash your hands regularly: According to the WHO (World Health Organisation). This is probably the most important thing you can do to minimize the chance of contracting the coronavirus. And not just a quick rinse-wash your hands with soap for any chance you get for at least 20 to 30 seconds-especially after being in public or traveling by public transport. If you fly by plane, wash your hands after you have left the airport. If you have no access to water and soap, apply a hand sanitizer gel with at least 60 percent alcohol.

• Don’t place unwashed hands on your nose: When you’ve been to a public place, don’t touch your face until you clean your hands thoroughly. The novel coronavirus can stay on surfaces for hours after an infected person has touched it, and can infect you if you touch your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Safety measures on Corona Virus

• Try to maintain distance from others: If you find anyone is coughing, sneezing, or exhibiting flu-like or cold-like symptoms, be sure to remain at least 1 meter (3 feet) away. An airborne respiratory (cough or sneeze) droplets may get contaminated.

Safety measures on Corona Virus | Is Himalayan Treks is Affected by Corona Virus

• Try to Clean items with a spray or wipe cleaning: If you’re staying in a hotel or hostel when you abroad make sure you’re booking somewhere you know it’s going to be safe. Even so, checking in with staff and management will not hurt to see if they have thoroughly cleaned your room–or maybe just sweeping yourself with a disinfectant to frequently-touched items.

• Avoid crowds-especially in closed spaces: When you are going to a country with a high number of cases of coronavirus, it’s best when you stay away from any area where a large number of people are present.

• Wear a Safety Mask: If you experience symptoms wear a mask and seek medical attention. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, coughing, or trouble breathing, wear a mask so you don’t risk infecting others and seek urgent medical attention.

 Is Himalayan Treks is Affected by Corona Virus

What happens for the booking you had done with Discovery Hike in the month of March & April?

At Discovery Hike we had taken some decisions for the upliftment of our customers. We have made some policies for cancellations, shifting & rescheduling of the treks for the month of March 2020. This will provide satisfaction to trekkers & they will not worry about the money loss.

All the treks which got canceled in the month of March, we will refund the whole amount of trek’s fees to the customers and If they want to reschedule the trek (After Government’s positive decision on Corona Virus), this option is also available.

For the refund update of April month, please don’t worry about your given fees, we will update you soon, stay connected with us.

Support for the Staffs working with Discovery Hike

At Discovery Hike we had taken some decision for the benefits of our supporting staff. We have decided to give the salary of March 2020 before the usual payment cycle every month.

Also, we are hoping that the situation will be under control soon if the situation doesn’t improve, we will arrange to pay our staff in advance for the non-working days too.

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