Mountain Learning & Wining Program

Little more about us:

Discovery Hike aims at providing the Best Trekking services in the Country and keeping in the mind the best standards we can give to our Customers. Each Trek is well explained and thoroughly planned out in the Itinerary. We are based out in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

We set the best Standard in terms of services as posed to most contemporaries in terms of Transportation, Accommodation, Food served, World-Class Equipment available & more.


Students trekking in Bayara Bugyal


Discovery Hikes aims at bringing radical change to those who aspire to be a Mountaineer. We will show you exactly what it takes to be in the Shoes of Trekker during our Hands-on Himalayan Mountain Trekking program.

We will endeavor to bring out the best in every individual partaking in this program. Key highlights that will be focused on is:

  • Development of Personal Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Team Work

  • Communication

The individuals will be tested and will continuously learn through Self-Awareness, Problem-Solving, Stress Management, Analytical & Creative Thinking, Conflict Management, Team Building & more such skills that will build the individual into a Dynamic Person.


How it Works:

  • This program is specifically designed for Students/Children (Age Group)
  • Each Student will be paired in Teams (Depending on the group size)
  • Each Team will be provided the right resources to complete the Challenge
  • Each Challenge will be well-defined and well within safety norms


About the Challenge:

“Adversity makes a you better, not bitter!” The Struggle you go through Today, will you theStrength for face Tomorrow. The Himalayan Mountain Challenge is one such that will test and groom the right mix of characters into the individual lives of the students. Facing the adverse Mountains with only your wit and the strength of your teammates to guide them through is something invaluable in life.

Each team will be faced with a Practical Trek/Mountain situation during which they need to make sure they accomplish in the right way, together. A series of events will be organized that will ensure that each person in the team is given their chance to prove themselves and bring out the Leadership characters in them.

The Topics of the Tasks will vary based on the Theme:

  • Group Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Handling Stress in Groups
  • Promoting Healthy Competition



Key Take Away for Students:

  • Indelible Experience of the Mountains
  • High level of Self-Confidence
  • Better prepared for Life Situations
  • Team Player Attitude
  • Humility through Experiences


Mountain Challenge Itinerary:

Students will be trained to handle the altitude situations of the Mountain which is between 7,000ft to 12,000ft. Different elevations will be posed with different challenges to test the students on their abilities.


The Different Destinations will be:

  1. Bedni Bugyal

  2. Dayra Bugyal

  3. Deodital Chopta

  4. Bhramatal

  5. Hobbit


The duration of the program is 6 days

Day 1: Dehradun to Base Camp

Day 2: Base Camp to Camp 1 (The first task will be conducted in Camp 1)

Day 3: Campsite 1 to campsite 2(Summit, 2 Tasks & Announcement of Winners)

Day 4:Campsite 2 to Base Camp

Day 5: Base Camp to Rishikesh (River rafting and departure around 12 pm)


*Tasks will be provided to each team on the spot. Each task will earn the teams some points. Team with the most amounts after all the tasks are completed will win.


How Discovery hike assure safety of the trekker/ students

  1. World-class equipment(Waterproof & Wind Resistant Tent, Sleeping Bags)
  2. Experienced Trek leaders and Staff Team always
  3. High-altitude First Aid Kit
  4. Standby Vehicle for any emergency
  5. Every group of 8 people will be led by 1 Trek Leader
  6. Activities will be conducted in the safest location
  7. Hygienic Accommodation
  8. Separate Tents for Boys & Girls
  9. Insurance will be covered for this program