1 Trek for A Book & A Bag

Our initiative is to provide 1 book & 1 Bag to every underprivileged student attending school for every Trek that you take with Discovery Hike. Every year, as the tourism increase around these parts of the Hills, the requirement for more employment of manual labor is required. Children are not completing their education because of the scarcity in matching the tourists demands. There has not been an equal development of education provided to the children around these parts to encourage them to aspire to become more and give more back to the society.

With the 1 Trek for a Book & a Bag initiative, We at Discovery Hike, aim at giving back to society which gave us its roots to build upon and come together with the community to build a more educated & a better tomorrow for us, today.

How it came to reality?

Everyone in these parts believe that we must put our Guests needs above our own, and so we have and always maintained our Hospitality to the highest by doing so. This sometimes-meant ignorance of our own needs and taking care of the Children’s education because the expenses alone were barely satisfied with the earnings. Schooling of the young ones were neglected due to insufficient resources or money.

It’s time to change that. Discovery Hike Team will ensure that every child aspiring a good education will be provided with the tools of the trade – A Book & A Bag.


Story behind the Initiative

On the way back from one of the Treks, our beloved Founder came across a small little girl traveling back to her home from school. She seemed like a carefree girl in the world and the only odd thing you could spot about her was her Torn bag & the bad books inside it. As she kept moving along balancing everything in her uneven bag, it lost its form and all her belongings fell into the ground. This might not be a very common sight anywhere else, but here that’s life. She picked up her things and moved along. But our Founder was still struck, the guilt that he could not do anything at the moment to help her angered him, but soon her realized that there is nothing he could have done in that moment, but he can ensure that, the moment should never happen again to any kid. Hence, 1 Trek and A Book & A Book, formed.

Upon sharing this idea with locals, here’s what they had to say:

“Large companies come here to make money, but you are making us. Nobody has ever thought to give us better lives and better future”


Impact of the Initiative

We are currently providing a Book & a Bag. But our Dream is to bring technology home. We are focused on Buying Computers for the children in the school so that we bridge the gap between Technology & Places. Each student should have the same ability & facility to excel as good as any other school in Urban India.


Your Responsibilities!

We expect that you consider staying with us like you are staying at your own Home. Please refrain from littering or throwing any kind of waste items into the wild. Instead please carry a disposal bag wit you always to ensure that the waste is disposed of properly.

Also, if you have any ideas or any suggestions and help you can personally do to better the living condition of the rural areas, it would be much appreciated. The more Treks you undertake with us, the more you will give back to society with us.

We help you, to help us, to help make this world a Better place to live in.


Glossary of our Thoughts in a Poem

Walking on the trail, walking alongside the children

Watching their happy face, start my morning a little happier

Sweet sounds from behind, cheering & listening

Thanking you, thanking you for the Blessing

We will work hard, to learn harder

Contribute to making, the world we live in better. 

– Discovery Hike Team –